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“Our family is in the hospitality business, but we’re really a family business, making it more of a lifestyle,” says Victor Petrovski. “When it’s part of how you live, it becomes less of a job and more of a passion. We love that we get a chance to orchestrate a special event for people,” he says. “We’ve created an experience that our guests can relax and enjoy their day stress-free. It’s our job to provide great food and exceptional service.”

Tome Petrovski

Owner and Founder

Passionate and committed to a standard of excellence in hospitality, service and exceptional food, Owner Tome Petrovski serves as the visionary leader and ambassador of Roseville estate.

Tome Petrovski is active in the day-to-day aspects of the Estate. He has a passion for menu development and a unique skill for making it appeal to all guests. Petrovski strives to create a balance between food and service. Though creativity and inventiveness are certainly qualities of the Estate, Petrovski does not innovate just for the sake of it. He wants every guest to genuinely enjoy each meal, and always seeks to please his guests and ensure they have a unique and memorable experience.

Tome is also very passionate about landscape and architectural design. He has been continually upgrading the Estate’s beauty and appearance.

Though Tome's immense talents for menu development and hospitality are evident to everyone that knows him, he counts working with his family as his most notable achievement.

He is incredibly grateful to work hand in hand with his two sons Victor Petrovski and John Petrovski. Victor Petrovski manages the business side of the Estate and John Petrovski manages the brand and design aspects of the Estate. His daughter-in-law, Sarah Petrovski, who manages sales and bookings and last but not the least his wife, Zorka Petrovski, who has worked alongside him and given him guidance every step of the way. He couldn’t be prouder that Roseville Estate is a family affair!

Zorka Petrovski

Owner and Co-Founder

Owner and Co-founder Zorka Petrovski is indisputably the matriarch of The Estate. As a co-founder of the Estate Petrovski has always been more a woman of action than talk, rarely acknowledging her contributions to the family business, her children widely agree that she is truly the muscle behind the operation. For her, the ultimate success is watching her family grow as a business while still maintaining their closeness and loyalty to each other.

Victor Petrovski

Chief Operating Officer

Victor Petrovski works very closely with the entire staff. Victor leads the strategy for all the group’s concepts, and has a hand in nearly all aspects of the business from marketing, branding and business development to operations, guest service and vendor relationship. He is also responsible for leading financial goals of the company, and overseeing all organizational and budgetary functions. Victor’s various roles at the Estate have had him working directly with everyone from bussers and dishwashers to executive chefs on a daily basis.

John Petrovski

Chief Brand Officer

As the Chief Brand Officer of the Petrovski Family at Roseville Estate, John Petrovski oversees and directs the brand strategy including the brand’s image, experience and promise of the group’s concepts. John ensures the brand is infused in all aspects of the Estate from marketing and advertising to staff training and most importantly the guest experience. Petrovski also manages all aspects of the design and development of their estate, from, flatware and Stemware to uniform selection. 

At the Estate, this experience is all about the food and the show—everyone sits down at once and eats together. “It’s about fun,” he says.” John wants his guests to feel like they’ve walked into a friend’s home when they experience the estate, and he strives for a warm, inviting, and comfortable experience.

Sarah Petrovski

Director of Sales and Bookings

Sarah Petrovski is a powerful force in the family, constantly driving the quality of guest experience that anchors the group’s identity. Her day-to-day responsibilities range from working on menu development, alongside husband and Chief Operating Officer Victor Petrovski, to booking and event planning, and to strategy and vision across all aspects of the business. Most notably, Sarah acts as the glue for the family-run operation, ensuring the Estate reflects the hospitality focus that is the foundation for any visit to the Estate.

Sarah has always had a talent for interior design, along with her eye for visual cues and stylish product choices, ensures a tailored but approachable atmosphere for the Estate.


Roseville Estate

2283 Roseville Road

North Dumfries ( Cambridge ), ON  



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