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Tome Petrovski


Tome Petrovski is active in the day-to-day aspects of the Estate. He has a passion for menu development and a unique skill for making it appeal to all guests. Petrovski strives to create a balance between food and service. Though creativity and inventiveness are certainly qualities of the Estate, Petrovski does not innovate just for the sake of it. He wants every guest to genuinely enjoy each meal, and always seeks to please his guests and ensure they have a unique and memorable experience.


Tome is also very passionate about landscape and architectural design. He has been continually upgrading the Estate’s beauty and appearance.


Though Tome's immense talents for menu development and hospitality are evident to everyone that knows him, he counts working with his family as his most notable achievement.


He is incredibly grateful to work hand in hand with his two sons Victor Petrovski and John Petrovski. Victor Petrovski manages the business side of the Estate and John Petrovski manages the brand and design aspects of the Estate. His daughter-in-law, Sarah Petrovski, who manages sales and bookings and last but not the least his wife, Zorka Petrovski, who has worked alongside him and given him guidance every step of the way. He couldn’t be prouder that Roseville Estate is a family affair!

Tome Petrovski
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