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Celebrate at the Stunning Wedding Venue in the Region of Waterloo: Roseville Estate

The Roseville Estate was first settled in the 19th century and was designed to evoke the classical beauty of a time gone by. Appearing as if it had come to life from the pages of a classic English romance novel, the Roseville Estate is one of the best wedding venues to realize your dream wedding.

Upon arriving at the Estate, you travel up its luxurious lane filled with towering maples standing at attention. As you make your first steps onto the Estate, moving across the stone courtyard until you reach your first view of the gorgeous Estate where you will celebrate.

The Estate is an extremely versatile wedding venue allowing for both cocktail hour and outdoor weddings. The ceremony for your wedding can be performed just across the path from the main house at the Estate’s charming private rustic heritage building.

If you wish to highlight the glorious nature around the Estate, garden weddings are ideal in the Estate’s manicured garden alongside the pond, with the sun on the water glistening as you recite your wedding vows. Moments later, imagine yourself sipping cocktails on the flagstone patio around the calming waters of the in-ground pool, as you and your guests take in the panorama of the view beyond the Estate gardens and feast on a cocktail menu so elaborate and extensive that it would awe even a 19th century king or queen.

The interior of the Estate is carefully adorned with classic art and furniture, each one exceptionally unique and chosen specifically for the Estate. These original pieces add charming detail and delightful ambiance to the Estate’s own architecture and grace. The décor and architecture evoke the illusion that one has travelled much further than a short drive from the Tri-Cities, somehow being magically transported to the English countryside.

If you so choose, you can have the luxury of enjoying the Estate from start to finish.

The master suite features a separate bridal suite that holds a spacious dressing area and beauty bar. Don’t worry groom; your private groom suite holds a TV, sitting area, and game centre.

After all, the Estate not only boasts some of the most chic interiors and decorations but also features such fantastic food and service that will leave your guests full and delighted!

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