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Garden Party


“Our family is in the hospitality business, but we’re really a family business, making it more of a lifestyle,” says Victor Petrovski. “When it’s part of how you live, it becomes less of a job and more of a passion. We love that we get a chance to orchestrate a special event for people,” he says. “We’ve created an experience that our guests can relax and enjoy their day stress-free. It’s our job to provide great food and exceptional service.”

Petrovski Family

Passionate and committed to a standard of excellence in hospitality, service and exceptional food, Petrovski family serves as the visionary leader and ambassador of Roseville estate.

Petrovski family are active in the day-to-day aspects of the Estate. From menu development and a unique skill for making it appeal to all guests. Petrovski family strive to create a balance between food and service. Though creativity and inventiveness are certainly qualities of the Estate, Petrovski family do not innovate just for the sake of it. They want every guest to genuinely enjoy each meal, and always seeks to please their guests and ensure they have a unique and memorable experience.


Petrovski family are very passionate about landscape and architectural design. They continually upgrading the Estate’s beauty and appearance.

Petrovski family look forward to serving you and your esteemed guests.


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